Our Services

Temporary/ Contract Recruitment

Organisations operate in highly dynamic eco systems. Workforce requirements need to be aligned to changing needs.

The ability to quickly adapt to change without disrupting normal business operations is an imperative. We help our clients achieve this flexibility.

Preparedness for the unseen and unanticipated workforce requirement can be daunting and even distracting. We at ADC, always have a finger placed on the pulse of the market and technology trends and are always in a position to provide for those unplanned and unanticipated needs. Our services ensure that that work is never stalled in want of the right employee.

Established network with professionals and our various sourcing techniques give us the ability to cater to the dynamic and short-term needs of clients, quickly. Just like us, the candidates we provide never disappoint!!

Our service delivery model, managed through a Service Level Agreement, irons out the channel of partnership and ensures that we are always on the right side of regulations. We ensure that the process is smooth and a pleasant and fruitful experience for clients as well as candidates; Relationships is what we thrive on!